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happy birthday

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    We are shite at this arnt we ,but happy birthday mate -whats left of it:tup:Bry
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  3. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Hey Bob, just seen ya secret on the birthday list. Not trying to keep it quiet was ya ? Have a good one mate & go easy with the candles, dont know how near the fire station is to ya :pmsl:
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    Happy Birthday Daz,(camarodaz28) A bloody good bloke-shite dress sense but it gives us a laugh:D,see ya soon mate have a great day ,Bry:tup:
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    Have a happy 60th birthday terry :tup:xxxx
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    Hi Si, :D Many happy returns. Cheers. Russ.
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    MIKE COLLYER (54) , banished racing (40) , joe32roadster (25) and of course ... 1 Today :D :tup: Happy birthday everyone :D
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    Many happy returns dude :tup: Have a good 'un :tup: Si & Sal
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    if i knew ya b/day was that close i woulda got the candles out:pmsl::tup::pmsl:
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    .....Esstenner have a great day…..:tup: Peek-a-boo Bob….
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    Have a good 'un guys :tup:
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    Roger I can see its your Birthday in a hour and half time well thats for us in the Uk....So A Big……....Bet you have a few Margaritas tonight…..but how on earth does Susan get you into bed once your Tanked up…….. Have a Great day Mate Bob&#8230...
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    Derick Gibson,(33 ford) top fella have a good un mate :tup: Bry
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    32 CHRIS.............Have a good day mate -Bry
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    Hope you're having a great day Tony :tup:
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    Happy birthday Duke, have a "Bobby Dazzler" of a day !:D John:D
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    Pat (Tiz57) Tidsdale, Is 51 today -i think he's had that car since his 12th birthday !?,Happy birthday mate:tup:Bry
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    A...…… to ProMetal Steve You going to need a lot of these mate...... Bob……….:smoke:
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    **** Gould ! have a good un mate -i hope your taking a couple of hours off ? lol Bry
  20. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Happy birthday Mike............. never met you [at least I don't think so] but I feel I know you now................... Dave.