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    Happy Star Wars Day to you all...
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    Happy St Georges day all :tup:
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    Met Stu T today and picked up my new semi project to go with my Austin 10. Top bloke Stu, sold me his 2 berth caravan. My wife is so chuffed, she's gonna be tarting up the van while i weld up and finish the Austin.:tup: Caravan...... Austin
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    I want to be the first to wish Lizzy-pop a Happy Anniversary :tup: Heres to another 12yrs of happiness :D From your loving Hubbie :hug: (by the way you lot, thats me :pmsl:)
  5. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Well what can I say!!! Except ,To a truely great mate have a bloody brilliant day 18.01.2010 your nearly as old as your car!!! Happy birthday Steve!! Love you loads!! Your buddies wishing you all thats good in life also! and keep using his tools and you wont go wrong!! Val xxxx:drunk:
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    first to say . morning 2010. lol
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    ... hope 2010 brings all you wish for :tup: If I don't get to type it later then you'll have to put up with it now lol I've thoroughly enjoyed this one so here's to the next. Happy New Year :tup:
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    as above i would like to wish everyone all the best for the up and coming festivities and dont forget guys/dolls spare a thought of our boys in conflict overseas :tup::tup::tup: all the best Garry
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    HAPPY 7 MONTH ANNIVERSARY RODS`N`SODS :bigsmile: :) :drunk: :giggle: :woohoo: :whistle: :hug: :wave: :coffee: :tup: :rofl: :happy: R.H.
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    HAPPY 7 MONTH ANNIVERSARY RODS`N`SODS :bigsmile: :woohoo: :wave: :tup: :lol: :happy: :rofl: :coffee: :hug: :drunk: :whistle: R.H.
  12. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
    Happy anniversary to Ken and the 57 Mad They have been together now for 30 Years this November Some of do not remember but is was white before Ken had a slight bump For this point he was known as Crunchie Ken....:incheek: 30 years ........I look up to you Mate…….:tup...
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    Just want to say happy 2nd wedding anniversary to my lovely husband! Love you babe! XXX:hug:
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    Enjoy your candy this Halloween!!!!!!!!!!
  15. The Garage
    Hi there, well as requested I am going to put up some pic of my 27 T build up. Ive been on it for about a year with most of that being a learning curve and sourcing parts. Ive not done anything like this before so lots to learn!!.. Initially I bought a Chevy Caprice off ebay which was agreed...
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    Well ?? There seems to be a lot of activity. Does that mean you're happy with the site ? Do you enjoy it ? Do you want it to stay and grow bigger ?
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    :D my dad let me drive the 55 today the first time ive ever drive a car for more that 30 seconds and it was so cool still grinning :finger::finger::finger::finger:
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    Just though I'd say that. :)
  19. History Archive
    30 years ago,before my fuel bill became the national debt,stick some pics up of your first motor
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