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    Went to Hastings for a couple of days, and while walking around the old town saw this in the flower shop window. Quick chat to Chris the owner of the flower shop, he said that he was going to restore it but it was too rusty. Said that he had a 63 olds as well.
  2. Chat 87.7FM or even via your computer. Lots of rock and also specialist stuff at night. Johnny Diamond is particularly good as he plays a lot of Rock 'n' Roll. Give it a listen. It is all for charity. :tup: Hotrod Girl
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    New Lindy Hop classes for beginners start on Wednesday 31st of March at 8pm in Hastings, East Sussex and us girls are suffering from a lack of men. Anybody out there fancy learning to dance? You don't have to be a dancer. I can't dance but I give it a bloody good try and it is great fun...
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    As in the title, going to the HRD's on Friday morning in my van and was wondering if anyone wants a lift. Have had an offer of a lift but not till later in the day. So if anyone within the area wants a lift let me know. Or if anyone is going in a rod with a spare seat then again i'll share the...
1-4 of 4 Results