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    2013 solo trip to hayride 350 quid of fuel ..12 hrs to get doon and blew a core plug on the fairlane on way home ..all good fun
  2. Chat
    Hi Guys does anyone know the date's for this year's Hayride?? I think its normaly around the second weekend in August? Thanks guys Chris
  3. The Showroom
    Hi All Have been keeping these under wraps as they were shot for the latest issue of the rather tasty Men's File magazine ( which is out now!!! Taken on Sunday at the 2009 Hayride…..oh my….how much fun was that!?!? Enjoy……&#8230...
  4. The Shelf
    The Hot Rod Hayride 2009 had a Model Shop Display in the Art Show part of the event. Heres how it came together. The organizer of the Art Show is in charge of the workshops of the Royal College of Art in London. He and I discussed possibility's and decided that a Model Shop frontage was...
  5. On Topic
    anyone out there know if theres gonna be a dvd of the hayride? or if anyone has plans too make one? there were shit loads of people with camcorders there,perhaps just for home movies,but some did look very profesional. would be great if someone put one together,i'd sure grab one.
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    This time featuring Tanner in the 'bagged' Chevy truck and an unknown lunatic with heavy feet! Two very cool trucks that get very used. :tup:
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    Little video from the track on saturday. Oops!
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    Was you at the hayride and do you have tattoos? i might have take a pic of them if you have have a look to see .......
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    What were peoples favourite cars at the Hayride?
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    These popped up on the HAMB so thought I would share them here. Glad someone captured it as I left before it happened. Talk about a great save! :shocked:
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    Loaded the truck up on Friday morning and headed down to the Warwick services on the M40 as I had arranged to meet a couple of guys there. Pulled in to find Spock already there in his pop with Rubellion A framed behind. Looks so cool! Not long after Mark arrived in his cool patined Chevy pick...
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    Took a sh*t load of pictures and have added them to our site please check them out, got loads more to add yet....took way over 400+ pictures plus video...:D...cheers guys.......toad
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    Only point and shoot ones but thought you'd like to see them anyway Click on
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    just a few of the hayride pics we took,on my old sh*tty digital camera, time to invest in a new one!!! many thanks to everyone involved-mental weekend!
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    A few shots from the Hot Rod Hayride today in Bisley. Lots more to come tomorrow :)
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    We could hear the V8's burbling down the A331 from our garden , I had to MOT my Lambretta at 12:15 so I was amongst them all on the Farnham bypass :eek:. Got back and jumped in the nomad and drove over to the race track then on to Bisley for an hour or so . Fantastic ! and actually a brilliant...
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    just a plug for a mate if thats ok, but anyone going to the hayride dont miss the fantastic demon drome wall of death these type of things are always worth suporting as in this era of h&s who knows how long were be able to enjoy these old school atractions, so try and get along and make it one...
  18. What, Where, When ?
    Great show with a good turn out of rods in past years, and the autojumble for those missing parts, between Guildford and horsham this sunday!!!!
  19. On Topic
    So... Anyone going to the Hayride on the Friday from the midlands and further north fancy meeting up en route and heading there together? There are a couple of us from the Solihull area hoping to. Im thinking Warwick services on the M40 around midday ish. Safety in numbers for the fenderless...
1-20 of 22 Results