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  1. Chat
    #is there anything going on in southampton on sunday (tomorrow) as im riding down on me scooter or what u lot call hair dryer to collect a heater unit for me tina so any hotrod or classic car things on or anyone offering a cuppa and chat :incheek:
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Looking for a heater from a classic style Mini. In good useable condition please. Mark 07711 774040 [email protected]
  3. Freebies
    As per the title complete with rear fixing plates , has a couple of holes that could be used for switches/lights or welded up . Reply to this post and PM me your address if you need it First come first served...
  4. Stuff - WANTED
    56 Belair heater. ( guess its the same as a 55 ) Basically need the whole thing complete with controls. and i am lead to believe there were two options available. - the Delux would be nice. But any parts available could be useful, so as to build one whole one. Any help or suggestions...
  5. Tech Discussion
    ive got myself a stock 100e heater for my non standard 100e, which way up is it supposed to go??motor at top,or matrix at top??? also only looks like its got 1 outlet for 2 demisters?? anyone got a photo of one installed??
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Original 55/56 Chevy car heater, can take to swapmeet or collection from nr J5 M4 £40.00
  7. Tech Discussion
    Anyone any idea where i could get an oil pan heater (not the stick on type but one that screws in the sump) in the uk without having to order from the states? Thanks, Tel
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    lpg blow heater , well used and covered in overspray with reg £35 tuning rover v8 by david hardcastle £5 SOLD how to rebuild your small block ford (hp books) £5 SOLD scimitar gte workshop manual , complete not just supplement £15 sanderson sbc block huggers told these fit "D" shape...
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    Wanted mini heater single or 2 speed, must be in working condition, not worried about pipework i can do that. I just need the complete mini heater box. Cheers clean kev
  10. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi I'm looking for a complete heater assembly for an FD victor...could also do with a starter motor too if anyone has one.... does anyone have any other spares / info that might be useful... cheers...big al
  11. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi Folks Ian & Anne here... We're looking for a heater matrix for the 27T (Anne's complaining) and A steering Damper (I've got wheel shimmy) Anybody got anything (we're loughborough based) Regards Ian
  12. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Portable infra red garage/workshop heater. Twin elements for 1.5 or 3kw heating. 240v, good condition. Perfect for drying painted panels. £50 gazw1971 at or pm.
  13. Chat
    wheres is a good place to get heater demist pipes and the after market dash vents , been doing a bit and my mates gasser pop so the smaller vents are better .
  14. Tech Discussion
    Hi folks! I need a heater in my hot rod, but the after market universal heaters are rather expensive and I don't know which donor cars to look for on the wrecking yard. The best would be a small heater (no AC) from a relativley new car.
  15. On Topic
    I'm about to fit a heater in my old '70s throwback custom Marina van and need a neat way of running the heater hoses in the engine bay and particularly through the bulkhead. The engine bay is mega clean with all the wires etc running inside the wings so nothing is on show. I would like the...
  16. Stuff - WANTED
    Dont have to be in the best condition just as long as they are all there. What have you got?? P.:D
  17. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Hadees art deco heater...fully reconditioned with new parts by the collector I bought it from. cost over £300......sell £250.
  18. Freebies
    3 radiant type calor gas heater, hardly used but about 15 years old and covered in dust & overspray. Ideal for small workshop/garage. free to collector.
  19. Stuff - WANTED
    Classic Mini heater wanted. Must be working & in good nick. Preferably with the vent tubey things. Also wanted, a smallish servo & master cylinder for an under floor application. New or vgc.
1-19 of 21 Results