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  1. Tech Discussion
    My constant rich/rough running problem on my Impala persists.... to the point where I've got through three sets of spark plugs just while having it running in the drive.:shock:. The car isn't driveable.... The wiring loom in my car is new, but is for the original set-up which had a resistive...
  2. Tech Discussion
    hi all got a HEI dizzy in the chevy, does anyone know which wire is connected to the ignition switch? pink or brown? been told it's the pink, but i don't want to fry it!!
  3. Hei

    On Topic
    Just bought a hei separate coil dizzy 'no instructions,does anyone know what the black and red wire wire to, and do i use a ballast resistor,am using moroso coil, thanks john.
  4. Tech Discussion
    The Impala hasn't ran for two months, prior to that it ran well & started first time. Now someone is collecting it on Friday & the pile of shyte won't start at all! The spark is weak or none at all. I've changed the plugs & still the same. Any ideas????
  5. Tech Discussion
    Is there a special way to wire these or a special tacho required ? The HEI has a 2 pin take off for the tacho but most standard tachos only use 1 pulse wire to the coil. HELP!!
1-5 of 5 Results