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    Ladies and Gents, back in the lates 70's early 80's i use to own a Mk2 Zephyr as per the photo. However, i am trying to find another Mk2, but a Zodiac. It was black, in very good condition, jacked up at the back with a modified rear wing arch. The photo is actually my old Zephyr and i got the...
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    hi my name is Alex Mcconnell im 16 years old and will be leaving school soon, i love hotrods, customs and classics. my dream is to work on and drive hotrods, i am currently looking for a hillman imp for my first car (if anyone knows if ones for sale that would be amazing), mylove for cars was...
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    Hi, guys, can anyone help with this one?.......i`ve got a dell laptop and as its running slow (well not as fast as i want it to) so i`m gonna get a new one for xmas and use this one just for all my music, and to burn CD`s what i need to know is, what do i do to this laptop ie; take...
1-3 of 3 Results