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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone was available as a wedding car on 4th September in Bolton? Only 1 short journey required from BL7 to BL1. I should specify...chauffeur driven, thanks
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    As the title says really, I'm looking for a hot rod, rat rod, american pickup truck etc. Preferably 1950's-esq (No need for a specific year just that style). Wedding is 15th July 2017 (So Just under a year away) at a venue near Kingsclere Between Basingstoke and Newbury. Looking to transport the...
  3. Chat
    Hi, my daughter wants a low rider to take her to her prom next month. We are in Southsea, Portsmouth in Hampshire. Does anyone have one they would like to show off !?? Or know of someone ? My mobile is 078014466060 or email me [email protected] Thanks
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    Hi, I've got the Triumph insured for weddings so if you live in the Norwich area and fancy something different for the future wife to travel in, or even just to take mother in law to keep up out the way, give me a ring on 01603 408021. Cheers, Bob.
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    in the midlands preferably. I need it for a weekend to start cutting the new car up..:D
  6. On Topic
    Its one f**king thing after another.... I need a car trailer to take the Chevy for its MoT. My usual place round the corner has two, one lightweight, the other bloody heavy, the lightweight one's been nicked & the other combined with the Chevy will be over my tow cars towing limit. Anyone...
1-6 of 6 Results