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  1. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    1993 2,0 ltr turbo Wentworth low miles 84000 metallic grey manual with overdrive full Volvo main dealer service history,12 months mot,1 owner,leather,heated seats,heated mirrors,a/c (needs gas) new water pump,cam belt done 2000 mile ago £1295 ovno 07762433743
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    Another car built from the 70s Looks great but £21k ? oh and painted its £25k !!!
  3. On Topic
    If you've got the odd $549,000 to spare ...:shocked: Form an orderly queue please.
  4. Chat
    Felt this was kind of apt what with the election and eveything, it is americanised but the basics of it are funny. HISTORY IN A NUTSHELL For those that don't know about history, here is a condensed version... Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers...
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    Big Willie Robinsons Superbird... .
  6. On Topic
    Does anyone know the build history or any previous history on this... Bought from Wembley area and will arive in town saturday! :tup: Cheers.
  7. Tri Chevys, Spirit Of the Fifties and the Tuck...
  8. History Archive wow - rodded in 1968! - morris 8 with a couped / shortened body - sure I remember this from an old back issue of CC or possibly hot car? anybnody got any more info on it? - be good to see it saved...
  9. Chat
    is it just me but i keep seeing posts scattered about and often miss stuff as its in "the wrong?" section. ill probably get battered for this but.......;) also keep seeing "sorry off topic" when not rod related?..:beuj: sorry to pick a fault.... :whistle:
  10. Stuff - FOR SALE
    A Smiths oil pressure gauge from the legendary Paul Burnham Oldsmobole lead sled! See I'm getting desperate now ;-) Need to raise funds for a tri-power set up. Worth a fiver to any one? even chuck in the dash mounting bracket for free!
  11. History Archive
    Hi, I've been collecting pictures of British built, British car based, rods and customs for some time. Lionel, the chap who does our club website has just started a new 'ask Bob' history section where we will eventually make these pictures available to all. He has just done a few sections to...
  12. History Archive
    Thought i would put up some pics & history about Lemon Squash .... I had back in the 80s followed it for a few years & after it became a local car to me i just had to have it :happy: But having missed it being for sale twice & the 3rd time no funds to buy it took a little longer...
  13. History Archive
    Hi, I found this site yesterday and was amazed by the history section with over 200 old Scottish rods, many of which I have never seen before . Bob.
  14. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    I have this book for sale, it is written by tex smith and is titled, 'hot rod history book one. the beginning' it has 202 pages of unique history and photo's this is a great read, the book is in very good condition with only slight dog earing on the front cover, all the pages are there and are...
  15. History Archive
    Have been on the chat line looking for information on my 32, 5 window, B model coupe. Got some info on it but thought I would try history archive. in 89' it was repainted in Budweiser colours and along with a sedan was a prize in Bud comp. in Ireland. Believed to be built in UK late 70's by...
  16. On Topic
    Hello. Looked at the nsra site yesterday. Under UK rodding history there was only three topics being discussed and one of those was titled "Where's all the history gone".
  17. On Topic
    I notice it is fbecoming ashionable to knock the 70s and the rodding scene of that era. Comments such as 'typical Jago T 'etc . Yup, most of us that were there are obvioulsy old farts nowadays but where would be be without that custom boom back then ? Where would we be without the likes of Jagos...
  18. Chat
    i recently aquired 3 stock car racing programs dated june , july and august 1954 at Brandon stadium , Coventry , because they have photo`s of 32 tudors , v8 pilots etc ( being wrecked......):sniff: The stadium P.R man confirms thay were the 1st ever meets held there , but I was wondering if...
  19. History Archive
    Any body recognize / remember this ,history needed ,willing to pay for copies of pictures with recorded dates etc etc.i believe its a Jago body its been heavily chopped ,had a deep buttoned interior (very "70"s) with two bucket seats and did have electric windows when bought.Front suspension was...
1-20 of 23 Results