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  1. History Archive
    Did anyone on here go on any of the holidays to the US with Street Machine ? I went in 1990 ( I think ) to LA for the Pamona swap meet then two days at the world finals :D First week stayed in a hotel opposite Disney then moved to the Holiday Inn at Santa Monica. Remember going to a diner on...
  2. Chat
    Hi Folks Hey thanks for putting up with me this far , and have a great and happy holiday from across the big pond...............Thanks again :D :D :D
  3. On Topic
    I'm just off to USA on Holiday, and was wondering weather anyone has had problems with airport secrurity on the way back, due to items in your suitcase, I don't mean drugs or anything like that, but car parts. I was planning on gettng some Earls Braided hose, as it's soooooooooo much cheaper...
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  5. On Topic
    Hi folks im heading down south for my holidays for 2 weeks and would like to visit some club meets the areas im heading for are swafham from sunday 12/07 -14-15/07 then down cambridge area 16-17/07 17/07 -20/07 woking area then back up towards blackpool not got anything planed for between woking...
  6. Chat
    Ok, I'm not talking about the blonde on the beach in the black bikini (then again, post 'em in the adult section !) Just got back from Turkey. While my wife was catching some rays, I found a yard full of old yanks :D Mostly Chevys, few 40's, tri chevys, loads of 63 / 64 Impala's, 60's pick ups...
1-6 of 6 Results