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  1. Stuff - FOR SALE
    we have a motorhome for sale good for shows etc. 2.5 litre diesel A class chasson bora 1988, 65,000 miles 4 berth ,11 months mot,new cam belt,tyres, fiat ducato based vehicle v,economical wind out awning,£2.800. might deal ,condition ok for year try me:
  2. Chat
    can any of you help please.. i normaly use the windows camera wizard thing on my computer to view and download pic's i've taken to my pc. but its not poping up when i plug my camera in via a usb port as it normally does. normally when plugging my camera to my pc i get a pop up ULEAD AUTODETECTOR...
  3. Chat
    Just got on the M25 on route home and this is the result of what a H.G.V has done to my mates Steves Camaro. He was travelling in the N/S lane [the slow one] when the H.G.V decided he wanted to be in the same lane knocking the Camaro of the motorway and also damaging the other side of the car...
  4. Chat
    had my day planed to day which involved doing some waxoiling, the gun i had with the kit did'nt work so being hotroder i thought id improvise as we do, anyway i decide to use a can of stone chip and use the empty can, so i warmed the waxoil and tipped the contents into my nearly empty stonechip...
  5. Chat
    Well not alone anyway.....:eek...
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Home made english wheel,6 foot tall,one lower tool,with top wheel perhaps 7 inch diameter,thought i needed it,took as part payement of job,but dont need it. May need cladding to stiffen and probably needs a bit of work to make it very good. Worth looking at ,would go in van and one person can...
  7. Chat
    I use a Home Hub router , the black one , because I need it for BTVision but it's pretty dire , not a patch on my old Voyager 205 I was using before . I did find some info online when I was using the Voyager re: changing the default BT settings and it helped a lot but I can't find anything for...
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    :sniff::sniff:due to trying to exspand the family we are outgrowing our large 2bed bungelow so it has to go on the market £230,000 it has a very large workshop just over 100sqm enough room for 4 cars with ease offroad parking for up to 5 cars i will put alink to it on right move when the estate...
  9. The Garage
    I imported this car back from california after my ole boss and still good friend ray mumford found her on e bay He is the artist that done this incredable in detail artwork, the car has had a fight or two over the years and the paint to the upperbody had seen better days, but after much elbow...
  10. The Garage
    Hi Guys Well I went and hauled my bug body today, and it was fairly uneventful. :smoke: Other than my ball was frozen :shocked: I got it unstuck easy enough , a 2 second shop of propane and wa la . I should have taken some shots of the drivway we went up, it was a bit snowy and...
  11. Chat
    Well ive got her home. Epic journey, arn't they allways :pmsl:. Just need to make some friends with people who are good with cars :incheek:. As i'm not the greatest. Really need to get her running so i can move her. Allwas got a beer or a cuppa for anyone who helps me. I'll try and post some...
  12. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    All of these lights were removed just last week from a very avant garde modernist church that was built in 1957 and designed by a guy called Ronald Sims (architect) who ,apparently , was a very well known ecclesiastical architect noted for his "against the grain" designs . A google will reveal...
  13. Chat
    Noticed that many on here seem to be home during the day, why is that ? I've retired early but currently off sick (and will be for sometime) and cant do much of anything right now.
  14. Chat
    you know them things that seemed like a good idea at the time.....:tup: Sid.
  15. Chat
    Ive just got back from the nationals and my god while i had a blast at the nats it feels so good to be home. Just unloaded all the assosiated shit that ya take with ya and im sitting down with a nice cuppa. Oh and the A12 has got to be one of the most boring roads you could ever drive down lol. :D
  16. Chat
    Actual advertisng poster :shake: The number of times I've looked at this poster but never spotted the unfortunate shot framing..
  17. Chat
    As you may know the government has decided not to create a database of ALL your emails. The Home Secratary will however require all ISPs to keep this information in case the government needs to see it. Yet again our civil liberties get crushed in the name of counter terrorism. I can't claim...
  18. On Topic
    found this link on retrorides forum , thought it might be of interest on here.
  19. On Topic
    picked up the van from c w motors today after a repaint and we are very happy with the result steve
1-19 of 20 Results