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  1. History Archive
    Hi, I started a small thread with homemade Vauxhall pickups a while ago. 100's of trucks must have been made over the years using other vehicles so lets have a thread for them. Here's a few to start thigs off. Bob.
  2. Chat
    HomemadeFireworks.flv video by nitronig - Photobucket
  3. History Archive
    Here's a few I have photos of. also remember a blue/white PA Cresta pickup in a 1960's mag and a PC Cresta pickup with flowers painted on in a small picture in an early CC. If anyone has pictures of them please put them up here. Bob.
  4. On Topic
    For the last two days I have been making this floor frame to fit on the Kitten chassis for when the time comes to put the A35 bodyshell on with the new floor I will make from sheet. I won't get it MIG welded to the chassis until I am ready with the Austin body shell to go onto the chassis...
1-4 of 4 Results