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    Ok, technophobe here. Tried loading the latest pics of my car & their too big. How do I re-size them ? :beuj: They were taken & loaded onto a memory card at home, then loaded on to my work pc. Simple answers only please, or I'll be even more confused (just getting the hang of recording on my...
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    I've been trying to host the pics i took in florida and post them, but keep getting an error message. Does anyone know how i resize my pics on a mac pc, as i am still learning how to use this thing. Brian
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    So before our landlord added the feature on here who used which program and why???? I have a webshots account and I'm thinking about changing over to someone like photobucket (as i have a largish collection) and because no matter what i do i cant stop the blinking pop ups and the like how...
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    Come on ladies and gents, Si has given us all a great new feature, how about we all practice posting a pic????:bigsmile:
  5. How-To Guides & FAQ Section
    Overview: The following tutorial is a step by step guide on how to upload a single image into your account using the Rods 'n Sods Image Hosting. Rods 'n Sods Image Hosting is available to ALL registered users via the 'Image Hosting' button on the menu above. **Note** It may help to open the...
1-5 of 5 Results