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    "Takuya Tsuchida designed this so called KRE House that is located in the posh Shirokane area of Tokyo. This unique house has a relaxed and contemporary interior, on the ground floor is a 9 car garage with an elevator lift that brings the favorite car of the moment right into the living room."...
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    Following up on Men can do anything, Elmo has fixed one light outside today, bought Dec 08! still another to go ... Are you worse or do you buy, come home and fix
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    I'm looking to have a new boiler fitted. Needs a 22mm main running and the boiler fitting. I've got the boiler, just after a guide as to what I should roughly be paying to have this done, or even better anybody Herts based fancy quoting on doing the work ?
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    Holger Schubert built a 10-foot bridge to connect his sports car's living-room parking spot to Tigertail Road. But, now, residents are complaining that the structure was improperly approved by the city. Full story here Along with its ocean view, its crisp skylight-accented ceiling and...
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    hi guy's we are going to move soon so will be putting our 2bed bungalow with 90sq m workshop up for sale soon & was wondering if anyone on hear would be interested price will be in region of £220,000,will be very sad:sniff: to leave this garage behind regards Guy
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    or anyone that knows about smoke machines..:smoke: long story short im looking for a unit to try a display idea i have. ive looked about and they seem quite cheap to buy but im lost in the minefield of models/outputs etc. can anyone point me in the right direction....:tup: Sid.
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    was there a thread on hear about parts that peeps keep in the house ? or was it another site ? rob
  8. On Topic
    Been watching this gradually return to mother earth over the last few years , have stopped by loadsa times , left notes , but no reply`s , house now for sale so am trying to persuade estate agents that I can save them money by taking whats left away ! last taxed 1991 , rumour has it that it had...
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  10. On Topic password is chelsea
  11. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Is this allowed on here as you have put Kitchen Sink, if allowed we have a house in Milton Keynes (Cosgrove Villiage) 2 bedroom with room in loft for another room, semi detached with room to do a car room to park 3 cars needs work but want to do quick sale.
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    It just feels so cool ,like we,re all pledges and Bluto has just ordered us to get Nedermyres horse into Dean wormers office "blanks right?"..)
1-12 of 12 Results