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    I swore to myself I'd never send in a post like this, so want it to be a query rather than a moan. Mainly out of curiosity. I was reading Custom Car today and it pictured the 79 Chevy Malibu bracket racer that was running 11's at the Hot Rod Drags, and I was just wondering why it was allowed...
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    Click here for the full race report of the Flathead Meltdown at the Hot Rod Drags, including details of Mike Couch's 12.6 @ 104mph record...
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    Got about half of them online so far here's a few of them, the rest can be found at
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    here's some video I took at the Cacklefest.......:D
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    this is a good pracice tree for the drags, a perfect light would be .400, but at shakey, this figure is deducted from your reaction time so a perfect light would be .000. the best i have managed is a .416 on the simulator, which would be .016 at shakey
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    As in the title, going to the HRD's on Friday morning in my van and was wondering if anyone wants a lift. Have had an offer of a lift but not till later in the day. So if anyone within the area wants a lift let me know. Or if anyone is going in a rod with a spare seat then again i'll share the...
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    we need someone to do the drive in movie dvd film on friday night, we seem to be unable to get in touch with our projectionist, so what we need is someone who has the eqipment and no how, we have a screen and power if you can help contact me our 40 stude thanks HRD
1-7 of 7 Results