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  1. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    yup time has come to sell my appendage !! offers...dont be shy! best of everything, selling because i want to build something new (old) !!! Pass the word about.... Tech stuff for those that like it: hydraulics - best of everything including: 2x Adex dump valves to the front (wwII fighter...
  2. Tech Discussion
    I took a rocker cover off today to look at my rockers. The heads are World Products with roller rockers. The valves that are closed have a little bit of play (lash?). I pushed down on the pushrod end of the rocker with an open seemed solid. If this was hydraulic, I'm told that I...
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi all, As it says above, it must be able to bend up to 2 1/2" pipe. I'm not holding out too much hope, WHY? Cheaper the better, or if anyone know swhere you can buy a new one cheaply. Cheers, Stu.
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    full set ov 16,new and unused,£40
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    hi, 1, r+r full size pro quality bike lift with front wheel chock & removable rear wheel tray. this isnt a cheap & nasty. SOLD 2, spun ali in frame oil tank with integral filter,suit hardtail or poss softail. £125 ono. 3, pair of fatbob 3.5 gallon tanks vgc £100 ono. SALE PENDING...
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    fold up hydraulic engine crane , adjustable arm settings , made by weber hydraulics , not to be confused with the cheap clark type , this is a proper job ! list price a few years ago was around the £1500 mark ... making space and need some cash for the caddy so first with £150 takes it . collect...
  7. Stuff - WANTED
    As above, needed for my truck, what you got?
  8. Stuff - FOR SALE
    600-Series Hydraulic Release Bearing Assembly suit tremec T5 trans. Throwout bearings suitable for hot rod, high performance, and racing applications. part no 61-601 Tilton's two-piece 600-Series hydraulic release bearings consist of a hydrulic assembly and a base assembly. These two components...
  9. Tech Discussion
    HI all, can anyone suggest some componants or a known set up to make a T10 gear box hydraulic. Have just bought it and dont have much background knowledge on it. Its an older one from the 60s an appears to be in ok nic. Cheers J
1-9 of 9 Results