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    Guy's,im after your help,info,a contact number............Having trawled every trade stand at Wheels Day,and at the Pod i have drawn an absolute blank with regard to stickers/decals for the door bottoms of Henry,what i need is .... 2x Kendall oils 2x Accel 2x TRW 2x Hooker...
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    There's an interview on Eurodragster today with the head of the NHRA,the governing body of drag racing,this is a quote from him............. "We're working on ways to address powering down the cars in order to prevent(ET and top speed)ever quicker and faster numbers becoming the norm" HUH !
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    Over heard persons saying that the reason immigrants come here is for the free hand outs. Not so, the reason is no ID cards, so once in the Uk they just loose them selfs, & stay forever. So if the Uk wants rid of said illegal's vote for ID cars- the less of two evils.
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    Not sure how many will have seen on Eurodragster but they've added Super Pro as a class at the Nitrolympix at Hockenheim. Ever since reading it, it's struck a chord with me as something I just have to do, taking my car across to Hockenheim, the home of German F1 and running my altered as part of...
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    A little info would be handy so I put these photos in the right place. (sad anorak that I am) Some are old photos, some recent. Cheers, Bob.
1-6 of 6 Results