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  1. Chat
    Come on then you lot what ideas have you had where the cars are concerned but have not become a reality YET Who out there is the next Ed Roth, Wimble , Saunders or any other wacky builder in the making I have an idea that i wanted to put into a reality for a MK11 CZZ but that will be for...
  2. Tech Discussion
    hi all, i want to change the intake set-up on my engine, currently has a tunnel ram/twin holley & i want to go single carb so i can take the scoop of the bonnet & replate the hole. what will work,whilst improving economy & low end grunt?
  3. Tech Discussion
    I would like to lower my fire truck camper ford f350 1955.Now if i put it on air rides take about 3inc out of the leaf springs would that lower it 3inc.It has leaf springs on the front as well one each side.Any other way of lowering it.It is a twin rear wheels.Would it be bad idea turning the...
  4. Tech Discussion
    Hi guys, need some help here......... a while ago whilst drivin` the rod to my garage i noticed a bangin sound from the underside of the rod i would say it was right underneath where the rear seat is, but it only seamed to be there while drivin` slowly (about 10 - 20mph) but when i got to my...
  5. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    It's early that time of year again. when Noddy Holder's accountant gets excited. I can now take orders in time for Xmas. I can paint a one off picture of your/ your partners/ your friends rod, custom or whatever as a unique present. all I need is a few photos to work from. See my website for...
  6. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    Yes folks, it's that time of year. With that in mind, I would like to remind you that I sell pinstriping vouchers. You can buy a voucher for striping to give as a gift and get the striping done later. Vouchers are available in any amount you choose and are not time dependant (ie they do not...
  7. On Topic
    been helping tom with the a40 build up over the last 10 months and really grown to like these small farinas, which as im sure you all know leads on to thoughts of what else can we do................ so been thinking id like to put together a strip only car, british from the 60s. that would be...
  8. Tech Discussion
    Hi guys i need a one off exhaust made for the consul and was wondering if anyone knew of anyone they would recommend to do the job and at a reasonable price i want a single functinal lake pipe in stainless any help would be much appreciated:D
  9. Tech Discussion
    I am looking into getting a system folded up for my challenger,I have been looking around and there don't seem to be many companys out there now.Anyone got any leads to find someone in the surrey area to do it:incheek: On another note any recommendations for leaf spring retempering as well as...
  10. Chat
    been offered a caddy coupe deville, really cheap thinking of grabbing it to get on the road quick, its a '86 2dr fwd, any ideas or pics of what can be done with it ?? mrs is really keen on it .......but not pink :shake:
1-10 of 10 Results