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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi,can anyone tell me the difference between a T87D-1F gearbox and a T87D-1H please, Chris
  2. History Archive
    I'm trying to find out the reg number of this Dorset I think it may be GSV417, ( both pictures below) Bob.
  3. Tech Discussion
    I have a pair of Lockheed wheel cylinders that have the part no. APTEC WAP.890 & 621700 on the boxes,and have been unable to identify them, if anyone can tell me what they fit,it might be the difference between e-bay & the bin! cheers, Gary. PS i've tried Google with no joy.
  4. On Topic
    There is a Rover SD1 in the drive of a house near me, I don't know who owns the house as its a empty holiday let. Anyway, it looks like the car is heading for scrap soon. It has on the rear Vanden Plas but has no V8 badge, is this going to definately be a non v8 or did some Vanden Plas V8s not...
  5. Tech Discussion
    Went for a spin the other day in my Moggie but the clutch pedal hit the floor when I fired her up, grrr. Im running Rover SD1 V8 running gear and manual box. The slave was standard SD1 fitment & I purchased an SD1 kit to fit the master, but its totally different to what ive physically got...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Hi I,ve recently bought a Ford Econoline Dayvan 1983 mainly for the engine and box, how can I tell what axle it has ? (8" or 9") Cheers Lee
  7. On Topic
    hi all,can anybody verify for me if this wheel is a cragar ,only selling a set and need to get info right,thanks pete
1-7 of 7 Results