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    Any body identify these wheels, 17"x 3" alis, 12 spoke not a halibrand, came off a rail that ran in the 70s from around the London area, thanks Brian
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    Justed helped a mate out today and removed the cylinder head off his 1954 G.M.C pick up due to it being cracked (straight six), now on closer inspection we found that the crack has already been stapled and looks like very small pins filled the gap as well, now the question is can this some how...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Can anybody tell me what car this is off? There are no markings on it. Closed it is 13.5". Fully open it is 23". It was used to hold open the trunk lid on my coupe but it just collapses so I need a replacement. Does anyone know where I might get one or something similar? Cheers
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    picked this up today for my next project- im pretty sure it will be of english origin, quite small, only 37" wide.........the 2 bits on each side appear to be just for use as cubbyholes, as theres no holes in them. no mounting holes for anything, only ones to screw it to the shell.