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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Ideal would be a complete set up would consider parts or complete chassis (Rodshop Model A type or any kit car as long as cortina type front) i need it for the front of my Model A Van project or may be you have something else that would suit. Open to ideas my plan is fiexible
  2. Tech Discussion
    jag xj front suspension, fitted on 53 chevy truck, all works fine but noticed when standing that the top wishbones are resting on the rubber stops, suspension works fine when driving, buick v6 3.8 engine and box fitted,so not as heavy as v8 would be if fitted, 4 pot calipers on this clip, are...
  3. Tech Discussion
    have anybody got photos of jag ifs with airbag conversion.TIDDYBOY.
  4. Tech Discussion
    can anyone advise, i have jag xj6 front suspension on my 53 chevy truck, its been on the road a while now and rides well but i would like to get it lower at the front , somebody sugested range rover front units but they might be too long, any sugestions on whats best, and where to get them ...
  5. The Garage
    Took Henry for wiring tues evening,so the plan was to attack Louise's Prefect,the HA front end was out and sold,so i got stuck into fitting the Ian Mockett front end, Not Wisbech quality,but a well made usable piece of kit for half the money With the engine and box out its pretty easy to get...
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    front and rear v12 jag clips and 6 pot rear clip thats 3.3:1. all complete except calipers missing on front clip. v12 rear has finned diff cover and abs sensors so must be late one. front-£100 ono v12 rear-£175 6cyl rear-£150.cheers, neil. 07718 339011.
  7. On Topic
    For looks I love the I Beam but some say they give a bad ride and IFS is the given for handling. BUT I do not like to see that lower A arm hanging below the front fender. Looks wierd to me. So what is your experience with either. Did you sacrifice looks for handling & vice versa?
  8. Tech Discussion
    Hi all :wave: I’m fitting jag ifs to my steel coupe, Chevy 350/350 combo, I’ve seen the cobra people use coil over shocks mounted to the bottom wishbone and top to chassis bracket. My question is has anyone done this before? What make, diameter, length, and spring load have you used? Any help...
  9. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Posting for a mate, recently removed from his pop Viva HA IFS complete with steering rack. £80 - SOLD Jag IRS 42 1/2" hub to hub no coilovers £80 - SOLD Can deliver to any services down M6, M1, M40 Tel Al on 07815718989
  10. Tech Discussion
    IFS or strut -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Things have taken a funny turn recently, and as you may have seen I've had to sell most of my parts for the build. So, when (and I use the term loosele) I get around to parts collecting again, shall...
  11. Tech Discussion
    Before i fit up my ifs and crossmember would i be right in thinking that you would lay it back somewhere between 4 and 7 degrees the same as you would do when mounting a tube or i beam axle. Obviously it will be all set up at ride height initially before mounting crossmember. Thank you
  12. Tech Discussion
    Hi Is there someone on here who has a wisbech ifs on their car that could post me a close up picture of the top wishbone please Thank you
  13. Tech Discussion
    I am going to build my own front IFS and have a few questions that I need answers to. I understand that in order to get the ackerman right I have to get the pivot point on the rack to intersect an imaginary line through the top and bottom wisbone pivot points. If this is the case and lets say...
1-14 of 14 Results