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  1. Licensing and Legal section
    New to the group - great threads. I'm planning to import a resto-mod '69 Camaro with its original chassis, but fitted with a modern Camaro engine and suspension. #1 - will I be taxed upon import as a modern car ? #2 - any issue with DVLA and MOT ? #3 - I might later bring the car to France or...
  2. Chat
    Hey guys, I've just bought a 1958 Chevy pickup, it rolls, steers and brakes (transmission brake) but the engine is dead. I have to get it back to the UK from Minnesota, anyone have any cool (cheaper!) ideas? I have requests on uShip and have quotes from freight forwarding companies, just...
  3. On Topic
    Im considering importing a car from the states have not decided exactly what yet but will probably be a late 50's pick up. can anybpdy give me some usefull advice or recomend any shippers etc they have had experience of ?
  4. RnS Parts Relay Service
    I just bought in the US and am looking to get it collected and shipped home.I am looking for a company to do this and also if someone wants to ship parts home i may be able to help if a contribution towards costs would be considered.:D
  5. Tech Discussion
    Hi All Trying to find some info for a mate who has just imported a 2005 dodge ram and is in the process of getting it ready for test. What taxation class will he be in and would it get his road tax/class down if he fits lpg before the test or can he fit lpg after the test and then alter his...
  6. Chat
    got a phone call whilst in work saying that an "old american car" was in the car park................. had to go and have a look, sitting there was a very nice and in very good condition cream(ish) 59 corvette all original except new chrome up front, had a chat with the owner it appears he has...
  7. On Topic
    Hey everyone, I am thinking of buying a rod that has already been imported from the USA, but not yet registered. What documents do I need to check the owner has and are there any looming headaches or pitfalls? Thanks, Ady
  8. On Topic
    So registering an import is easy if all paperwork is correct even if you get the call for an inspection. But what about modifieds? Theoretical car.... Say a chopped and channelled Model A looks like an A to you and me appart from the obvious mods but if it comes into the country with a...
  9. Traders - For Sale / Services - CLOSED
    Just joined the forum so thought I'd give a discount to all members here We are Mooneyes and Clay Smith agents plus we stock a lot of other kustom parts and clothing that may be of interest to you Quote voucher code "RNS" when checking out to get the discount This is valid for the next month...
1-9 of 9 Results