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    Hi all, hope someone can help. I've been looking at classic Yanks online in the Netherlands and Belgium. My original plan was to fly over, and if the car was up to scratch to drive it back to Scotland- road trip & shakedown in one! But apparently in Belgium the number plates don't stay with the...
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    I want to buy some wheels from across the pond. Has anyone got the contact info for the guy on here who gets the container shipped? Thanks Andy
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    My brother and I have had a 1949 F3 truck stuck in the US since last July because the USPS w*nkers lost the title when we sent it "special delivery" to the US shipper. We're told that you can't export a vehicle without an original title document (we do have colour photocopies). It's becoming...
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    Hey, A friend of mine is considering importing a Falcon muscle car from Canada, does anyone know a decent shipping agent who could organise it? Thanks, Ady
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    i am looking at importing a mk1 escort from bulgaria . any idea what tax / vat that you have to pay ? or where do i find out cheers rob
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    hi there ive been looking for a car over here, but now thinking of importing from states...ive enquired about shipping from rybec,,,very helpful...just gotta find a car now..any tips where to look, ive looked on and old rides it true you can drive car from port if you say the...
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    anyone on here had any experience of importing from the states? Is it easy? expensive? what about canada?
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    Wasn't there someone on here who had regular imports coming in ? Looking to order something from the US and was wondering if it'd be any cheaper than the companies own postage quote ?
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    Hi all...Lost a good deal in Tennesse couple of weeks back. Now got the bug, can anybody tell me if this is correct. I was looking at a 35' Dodge truck, now a 33'. If a car has the correct title i.e 33 Sedan, when the car lands here I pay 5% VAT, and as the car is propely titled i only need an...
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    Does anyone know anything about, or has recently imported a vehicle from the US? I've found some Trucks for sale in the US, they look solid enough from the pics but who knows? I have a few questions. How to set up the deal (not keen on turning up to some guys house God knows where with a case...
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    hi guys,and ladies,i am thinking of importing a car from abroad it is in spain,,it is a 52 olds,i know there is no duty to pay because of the eu,can anyone give me info on what i should know ,ie will it need an sva,hassle invoved,shipping etc,any info much appreciated,
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    If you import a car for Northen Ireland do you have to re reg it here or can you run it on Irish plates, I think they still have M.O.Ts over there? the year of the car is 1957
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    Costing up the shipping of a vehicle from the states, does anyone know what sort of UK clearances fee's can be expected? Cheers Gotzy
1-13 of 13 Results