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    This is my ugly polar bear murdering van, and I loves it! The wheels are the front wheels off my Baja Bug baby monster truck, one of my mates bought them so I put them there for the laugh before he picked them up. As you can see the van is in primer just now, almost finished putting that...
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    Nice slideshow of some very cool period pictures ...
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    Looking for inspiration or idea's for the model compo ? Amt Tennessee Thunder puller funny car. Only headlight / grill decal, others are missing. £5 AMT Dodge Viper, £5 Revell 58 Impala, big wheels & lowrider plaques missing, the rest is unstarted & still in bags. £10 Scale Auto Enthusiast...
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    I have posted this before on several forums, but don't think I have posted here... This is one seriously cool thread.... Check it out For anyone that needs to be insipred, this should do the trick Enjoy :D
1-4 of 4 Results