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    Do you fancy winning a £100 B&Q voucher? Check out our latest competition on Facebook (1) RH Specialist vehicle insurance | Facebook for details. It's free to enter :-) Good luck everyone, From Emma and the RH Insurance team.
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    Hello fellow Rods 'n' Sods members! I would like to introduce RH Specialist Insurance, we have our own section on the forum; RH Specialist Insurance which includes information about RH and what we can offer. I would invite you to come and have a look around! Kind regards, Scott
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    Hello all, I have just had my remnewal for insurance on my truck, which last year was £81, this year they want over a hundred. 25% rise in a year, sounds a little excessive to me. Any recomendations on a good insurance company, for a non-rodded classic. Footman James is probably out, they insist...
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    having problems getting insurance on my new works van because the exact description doesn.t come up in their drop down list! Its a single cab 3 seater vauxhall vivaro 1.9 2900 lwb not high roof cdti. Just wondered if anyone else had had any problems and/or could recommend a good van insurance...
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    Looking for recommended / competive insurance companies for an american car suggestions please ..
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    Hi All, I have just got off the phone to Mark Ashman (NASC chairman), he has been in talks with RandH insurance over the past few weeks and has just managed last week to strike a deal up with them. Mark is also recognised by RandH as a valuation officer so he can also get the agreed value...
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    Hi can anyone help i am after cheapish insurance for my 1955 ford prefect. The cheapest i could get is 880 with the mods i have done from adrian flux with limited milage at 3000 a year. Does anyone know anybody who is any cheaper. I have tried premium choice who are the nasc insurers and they...
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    So who do you use??
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    I'm looking at changing my car and looking for something that i could actually fit all my camera gear in. quite like the idea of a LPG america pick up tuck, where would people recommend for insurance? Tar Dom
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    So how much insurance have you got ? and what do you pay ? Having had a fright when my Mrs got made redundant and no ASU in place I think we're insured up to the eyeballs but I'm looking to reduce some costs. I pay ; £35 Life Cover Me (covers racing too) £23 Life Cover for the Mrs £31 ASU -...
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    just got my renewal in,44 year old,54 caddy coupe deville,161.00,thats with footman james on a 1500 mile limit,i live in the country but my postcode is paisley. i think its a bit xpensive,what you think? i'll try anybody apart from adrian flux last year when the person(wanker)was taking my call...
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    Just came across this list on Yahoo news so thought I would share.....not a fantastic list but ok I guess....there are better ones out there. 10 crazy car insurance claims 1. Taxi trouble When bad weather caused havoc on the roads of Britain this winter, one AA customer thought it would be...
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    can anyone recommend an insurance company for a 17 yo . flux just quoted me on a std 1985 mini 1000 . comp £2800 tpft 1600 . wtf ? rob
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    Right guys need some rod insurance but I dont want to f**k about on the internet, so if you can help ,phone numbers please, so I can ring tomorow cheers guys:smoke:Jeff
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    I have just phoned to cancel my car insurance with the RAC. It's a 2nd car I own and I've given it to my daughter. Now, I phoned up to cancel and the guy on the other end of the phone tell me it's a £35.00 cancellation fee. Massive rip off, but, fair enough. Then, He tells me that, because...
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    My 19 year old son, has been getting insurance quotes for a boggo 1.1 Fiesta, worth £300. Admiral came up with £2034 & an excess equiv to the national dept. When he phoned them for monthly payments they said " £300 deposit followed by 9 payments of £294" :eek: So nearly 3 Grand in total ...
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    Hi all, just thought i'd share the name of a great insurance company:eek: they are R H classic american in essex ,01277 206911 they've just insured my new toy for £170 less than 'Flux' quoted me & for better cover :shock: they were friendly & pleasent to deal with, & i would...
1-17 of 37 Results