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  1. History Archive
    Hi, new here. I live not too many miles away from the old Woohouse yard in Barnsley. Once legendary for it's extensive collection of ultra-rare classic Yank iron. Now still there, but not much left. Fond memories of passing by the place as a kid when there were still some cool cars visible from...
  2. Tech Discussion
    Have any of you Mopar or gearbox experts worked on a push button iron torqueflite? I'm trying to find out what holds the plastic speedo drive gear into it's housing. There are two types of speedo cable... a screw on and a 'forked plate' hold on. Mine is the screw on and has the housing shown...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!hi guys , i need to raise cash to pay for my new doner car SO i have decided to sell off one of my diffs to help out!! its a Eaton detroit locker,its a 28 spline locker, it was used For approx 2000 miles before the car came of the road for a rebuild and a strange complete 3rd...
  4. The Shelf
    here is some old kits i made years ago and ended up in a box , they all have been damage most bits are there , i will be listing them tonight on ebay if you want any to customize, they will be listed separately. good luck. ebay user name rawmodels.
  5. Freebies
    For 4bbl carb, came off a 327. Goes in the bin unless it goes. Al N10 North London
1-5 of 5 Results