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  1. On Topic
    I realise that the oxford will have to undergo one of the above tests, just been looking on dvla web site but a bit confused , any one make things a bit more clearer for me , do i just send off my log book with the new engine size and they keep the log book until it is tested ? what kind of...
  2. Tech Discussion
    If I build a car from scratch with all new parts but with a Fibreglass body how easy is it to get it through an IVA test what do they look for etc, if the car is professionally build will this help ? All answers appreciated, please don't get to technical Thanks
  3. Chat
    How do you define modified chassis? I know an IVA is required if you have one, but how do they define a modified chassis?
  4. Tech Discussion
    I need to check the acceptable glass marking for the IVA test, under SVA I understand glass marked BS857 was OK, is this still the case as an equivalent to E 43R or must it show the 43R marking? Thanks Rich
  5. On Topic
    Some bedtime reading from complete kit car about the change to SVA and an article on a kit car going through the test.
  6. Tech Discussion
    Couple of points I would like clarification on please before I press on. Glass must be E marked, but can I use glass from a Japanesse car with equivelent markings as listed in the cross reference section and mix them for different windows?. I read that dash warning lights and switches have to...
  7. Tech Discussion
    Couple of things I would like clarifying on please. Kev? Would a Vintique 32 grille insert pass if not suggstions on what would. Exterior hinges I understand can stick out 50 mm but does this apply to fenderless styles and what hinges would pass bearing mind radius issues. Same with door...
1-7 of 7 Results