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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    I'm looking for a Jago chassis with the right V5. Will take complete car or whatever. Any condition. It needs to be pre-82, preferably earlier and be properly titled as a Jago with a Jago chassis number. I'll pay good money especially if the seller can help "changing the engine" to a 5.7...
  2. Tech Discussion
    hi,was looking at a jago built coupe on sale ,but was wondering how easy (legal) is it to buy a jago jeep ,for instance ,and build a hotrod on it/from it ? as they already come with a v5c what can i change ,i know you cant radically alter the chassis but how much can you add/subtract ? any...
  3. Stuff - FOR SALE
    not for sale
  4. On Topic
    Seeing as its 50years since Jagos first started, thought it might be nice to do a Jago rods thread. So here's mine: 1932 Ford sedan delivery (was told that this was the first one outa the mould), signage was 'Happy Home Bakery'. 4" roof chop, Jag IRS, MK3 IFS, Rover V8. Featured in CC sometime...
  5. Chat
    Following on from Farncombe Pop's thread about Jago Jeeps, I've been advised/reminded that this year marks the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Geoff Jago's business (March 1960 to be precise). To celebrate this landmark, he & his family & team will be at the Stoneleigh Kit Car show over...
  6. Chat
    how many of you have had one? i've had five or six over the years and even now have one sat on my drive plus a spares one sat in a garage up the road, i think their great summer fun and so easy to live with, what do you think of them? here's one of my old ones i rebuilt a few years back,
  7. Tech Discussion
    bought a jago tube axle with pop spindles and cortina disc's fitted. i thought at frist glance that the discs were fitted to the pop stub axle and brackets had been welded to the pop spindles for the calipers to be mounted! but on closer inspection it appears that the pop stub axles have been...
  8. On Topic
    Hello would anybody have any info on Jago 32 Roadster bodys, i.e. old pics usefull advice what screen will fit etc etc. thanks Slappy
  9. Stuff - WANTED
    im after a tube axle if anyone has one thay want to sell, any width will be fine! prefer one with spindles/brakes but what have you? ian
  10. History Archive
    Been thinking about asking this question for some time, so does anybody have any knowledge about what happened to the UK's first Kustom?????????????
  11. On Topic
    Can anyone tell me if this is a Jago T? Anyone know the owner or history? Mike
  12. History Archive
    Here's some pics of Geoff Jago and his T taken in the 60s and given to Roy Morris who borrowed the T for a few weeks taking it up to the Midlands with the idea of marketing it there but there was little interest at the time and it didn't happen.........does anybody know if this car is still about?
  13. Tech Discussion
    Started fitting up my new frame tonight ,which i knew would be a challenge because the aperture was a strange shape across the top,but what i wasn't expecting was the lower section not to match the scuttle panel ,its about 1/2 inch out across the middle . Options heat it up and re-bend it or use...
  14. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    I'm putting my beloved 1972 T bucket up for sale. It will be going on ebay soon but thought I would offer it out on rods 'n' sods first. This is a very well known rod, loads of history about it having been used and on the road for most of it's 37 years. I've had a 2.8 v6 cologne engine and...
1-14 of 16 Results