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  1. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    I'm 19 and looking for a job that consist of engine work/tuning, bodywork, fabrication, welding, painting and customising preferably on American vehicles in Surrey. I've been working on cars for 3 years and complete my apprenticeship with an Aston Martin specialists in January 2014. I'm...
  2. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    Full time sprayer / preper req'd for busy body shop must have experience and knowledge of all paint schemes Ect, right package for experienced person. Excellent working conditions. Must have renovation knowledge and be able to work on new cars. Please contact me with c.v at, [email protected]
  3. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    im a 37 yr old car painter seeking work , lots of experiance with prep and paint can do a bit a of welding or spanner work and can turn my hand to most car jobs really but painting is what im best at based in haverhill suffolk /cambs border , would consider any car type job (or anything...
  4. Tech Discussion
    hi everyone just wondering where is a good place to get a really good paint job done, i want to get, eventually when iv finished my T, a realistic flame paint job done either side, want it done properly as iv seen some flame jobs done on some rods and it really doesnt look that good, but when...
  5. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    helo im after a part time job in the preston wigan area, 13 yrs general building experiance. 1 day a week or as many as needed, thanks dave
  6. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    Hi there I am Neil son of Jane, Hot Rod Widow I am presently living in Bristol, at the moment but could relocate to London until Uni starts in September 2010, I need to work to keep sane and pay the bills so I am looking on here as Mum says you are a lovely bunch of people. I am a big tall...
  7. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    hi guys, making the move from weston super mare to west yorkshire.leeds,wakefield manchester area currently fit and design lightning protection 2.5 years, but also have 15 years of experience in welding and fabricating( whilst working fulltime).ive had a show winning car appear in classic ford...
  8. Tech Discussion
    hi there i am looking for either someonr to touch up my 67 chrysler or a complete spray job with everything sorted. ie cut out the rot and sidcup kent area...i am looking for rear window seal for the car as the ine fitted aint stock..thanks jim 07855 465 362 or email me...
  9. Chat
    Been on a bit of a road trip on thursday, bedford to Newcastle with a stop off on the way home in Sheffield at big jobs for a cuppa and to see me car, well that turned into a drama, came of the motorway at Sheffield rang Bry to get the kettle on, about a mile from Bry's the car felt like it was...
  10. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    Shooting June/July around London. Wartime set New York piece. Need taxi's, Staff cars, general dressing cars, trucks and lorries. Please PM me or email me pics to info(at) Thanks, Stew 07973 400245
  11. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    w/o March 22nd Need a couple of super nice cars, must be American, Six-Four would be their car of choice to bounce. Please PM me or email me pics to info(at) Thanks, Stew 07973 400245
  12. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    NOW SOLD, NOW SOLD FOR SALE - 1952 Dodge 'Job Rated' stepside pickup. My beautiful Dodge truck is up for grabs to make room for an impending new purchase. Its a shame I can't keep both, but I just don't have the storage space, so my loss is somebody elses gain. Anyway, she is fitted with a Jag...
  13. Chat
    there is a new job in the job section if anyone wants to take a look:woohoo:
  14. Chat
    I want to do this sort of paint job on my 67 Hornet. I no it has a name but i just can`t seem to think of it.
  15. Tech Discussion
    I added the end peice to the back of the drivers side rear arch today. The thing is, it should really be the same on both sides, even though it won't really be visable, but it isn't. It is pretty damn the same distance from the floor, but the actual beight of the peices on both sides is 5/8"...
  16. On Topic
    I'm interested in opinions. Post in the poll if you want to.:tup: Option 4 does exactly what it says on the tin..:D
  17. Chat
    Feel a career move coming on. Purely as it'd mean being home full time of course!
  18. Chat
    Hi All, Found this in amongst some old e-mails and thought i would post it up. Cheers. Russ.
  19. Chat
    Forget Smart cars - motorised beer crates are the way forward :tup:
  20. Jobs - Wanted/Available
    due to dropped hours and threat off redundancie im looking for a new job. i have about 6 years experience in the welding/fabricating trade,most of it was spent making alluminium bulk tanker systems where i picked up my codings for mig and tig,learnt alot there using various different machines...
1-20 of 26 Results