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  1. History Archive
    I have just watched part 3 of " I'm in a Rock n Roll Band! The Drummer on BBC 2 There is some great footage of John Bonham driving his C Cab, camera in the cab , smoking the tyres and cleaning it. Plus him on his Chopper. Bit of Drag action aswell so cars and Rock Gods in one show :D Part 3 is...
  2. Chat
    Anyone seen it with Peter Kay? Its mint and so funny, i love it.
  3. National Street Car Challenge (NSCC)
    hi all, already on the sods, for a while now ive been putting together ma we pop,i originally started to build a kitten to play in the series but changed plan,s later on, so had started to build the chassis for the kitten but altered the rail,s a bit to fit the pop shell on. been on/off in the...
  4. History Archive
    Just a few pictures of MRF from about 1989, first running a Rover V8 and later on a 425 caddy motor. Thanls for looking gasser john
  5. Chat
    What happen to John Baldacchino? John and I was friend back in 70s, where we both had ford Anglia's his was a saloon with a 1340cc in it and I had a Anglia van soon after that he too got himself a Anglia van And of course after that he went in to the big time with Hot 'n' Bothered...
  6. Chat
    Is John still on here. I need to talk to him about a 'cage.
  7. Chat
    so.... the boys have finally been given the boot:lol: but hey wots this? theyve already signed a deal with canestan.......cos if anyone knows about irritating cunts......its those two:pmsl:
  8. Chat
    Anyone have a mobile number for John they can pm me - supposed to be collecting some pop front wings from him at the NSM on Subday but no answer from email or landline ?
  9. Chat
    Fair bit of footage in this video of Bonzo being Bonzo, not seen this one before
  10. On Topic
    :D:D part two
  11. On Topic
    hey its got wheels gets my vote built it all at home, took on the big boys, the frankster. slave to the rhythm.
  12. Chat
    i heard today thursday 2nd july that john bunce has fallen through a barn roof and is in a hospital having a blood clot removed from his brain he has a broken leg & damage to his back that is all the info i have for now, this info is second hand i hope it is just whispers, i will update as and...
  13. Chat
    i keep hearing all these bad things about john grubb( ex rodline owner) which really suprises me because i boughta body of him when he had control of rodline and he couldnt do enough for me. The body came on time and he knocked some money off because there were a couple of marks on the body...
1-13 of 13 Results