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  1. Chat
    Most people know the Johnny Cash song 'One piece at a time' where he stole parts daily to build his own car. Does any one know anything about the car built for the video, link to the vid here Is it still around, in a museum or a private collection ? I dont remember it at the time, only when i...
  2. Chat
    I know there were alot of outstanding rockabilly acts back in the day but the rock n roll trio had it all. ironically when he sang SWEET LOVE ON MY MIND he sings you'd better send my mail to the bottom of the river i don't live here no more. and he died in a boating accident in 1964. he really...
  3. On Topic
    Photo Opportunity not to be missed at Brooklands Mopar meet today :tup: The getting together of both the Johnny Best Built 57 Hemi De Soto, and his old Steve Hale owned 34 Hemi coupe. Worth the gate money, just to see these two great cars together :D
1-3 of 3 Results