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  1. On Topic
    So my car has been on the road since 1997ish . Four weeks ago i fitted a new diff (old cas but all new internals tru track and new gears)and noticed that the uj was abit tierd so got a new one of then as well ,so pulled the prop off today and the uj is fubard . The pinion angle is not miles off...
  2. Tech Discussion
    help i need a chevy crossover u joint cup size 1-1/16 x1 -1/8 cross size 3-5/8x 3-1/4 can get one frome us but is there some where in uk to get one thanks chris
  3. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi, has anybody got a Viva HA rag joint (coupling with rubber bush that joins the steering column to the rack) for sale. Its the type 'without' a splined fitting. Needed quite quickly as its holding up my build. Cheers Dave
  4. Tech Discussion
    can you repair ball joints on adjusible tca s
  5. Chat
    Anybody know where a mate can get a set of top & bottom ball joint boots to suit a Mustang 2, all the places he's tried so far have said they only come with the joints. Thanks in advance.
  6. Tech Discussion
    Been stripping a front clip for rebuild, what a pig of a job. Every bolt is rusted into the bushing sleeves, usual story and gotten around in the end with an air chisel.:tup: Only thing I am stumped on is removing the upper arm balljoints. How do you remove them?!:beuj:
1-6 of 6 Results