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  1. Stuff - WANTED
    Anyone know where I can get these (in UK, as desperate) ? Joins 2.5" ID to 2.5" OD, such as Summit 692250 or Walker 33276 Cheers
  2. Tech Discussion
    My plans for a simple exhaust system utilising the old ram-horn manifolds went out the window and I ended up ordering headers, collectors, mufflers, pipe and butt-joint clamps direct from Summit. Now, when I go to put it all together, everything but the mufflers are 2.5" OD, whereas they're...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hi Rose jointing my rear axle but not sure what size to use the axle i am going to use is a ford 8.8 with some where a round 400 bhp but it is a four pot so not so much torque any ideas or is there a formula
  4. Tech Discussion
    as standard these are bolt in. is there an alternative that would be a screw in type. thanks wayne
  5. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi all, im after a set of 2 inch drop spindles for my tubular mustang 2 front end (its the type that has the bolt on caliper bracket) ... Also after a full set of new ball joints for above as well ..... anybody out there got a set ????? Many thanks Mike:D
  6. Tech Discussion
    I discovered today that my car can be started in reverse due to wear in the linkage from the column shift to the gearbox. Not clever.... Rather than welding up worn holes & re-drilling I thought about replacing both rods with an adjustable rose jointed (rod-end) set up. Would M6 joints be...
  7. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Found these in the loft last night while looking for something else. A full set of new top & bottom ball joints for Mk3/4/5 Cortinas. Asking £50 including non Post Office P+P
  8. Tech Discussion
    Can anyone tell what thread rose joints I will need ? These are for a set of 4 bars that were made by Hauser racing for a drag car it looks to be a 3/4 inch bore with a fine thread. so if you know what hauser uses whem making these 4 bars that would be a great help.
1-8 of 8 Results