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    Are we no longer able to add to Wally's 'Juke Box' thread now it's been moved to the cool archive ?
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    This is neat! Just pick a year and enjoy the tunes. music Room 40's JuKeBoX 1955 JuKeBoX 1956 JuKeBoX 1957 JuKeBoX 1958 JuKeBoX 1959 JuKeBoX 1960 JuKeBoX 1961 JuKeBoX 1962 JuKeBoX 1963 JuKeBoX 1964 JuKeBoX 1965 JuKeBoX 1966 JuKeBoX 1967 JuKeBoX 1968 JuKeBoX 1969 JuKeBoX 1970...
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    Had it a 5 years but had it restored and it works great. Good sound. $3500 USD. Buyer pays shipping to where ever.
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    1970,s rockola juke box,no record player inside only a shelf,lights up ,ideal for workshop just add radio/cd player..£100