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    kev just sent visitor message to you ref cortina discs!!
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    Thought id put this straight to kev but could also benefit afew others too. If i put a modern engine into my car,cars an `83,engine will be from a `98-2000.And fit lpg only.And take it for the biva test (as the monoques going to be modified) how will the road tax be worked out? Will it still be...
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    Kev, Exactly what the hell is that in your avatar picture! :shock::pmsl:
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    Very nice.
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    Saw this on another forum about new problems in France; I have started the paperwork trail to register it in France, (Its got a normal uk V5 in my name) but I forsee problems getting french approval. I might be able to wing it, but it depends on how anal the tester wants to be. First prolem is...
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    hi im trying to register my morris 8, have filled out paperwork, morris club has stamped forms for me, just got an m.o.t for it. does that mean i now go to my nearest d.v.l.a office. sorry if u get asked this alot, thanks chris.
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    Hi Kev, did u get my reply to ur pm?? Tony
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    can someone pm me kev's mob no please, i managed to delete that too :shake: cheers chris :)
1-8 of 9 Results