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    picture this it made me smile. I took my 7yr old daughter to the dentist today,as we walked through town holding hands having a laugh with each other,we got to the dentist and went through the door,the receptionist looked up at my little who was wearing pink and looking cute,then the...
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    been wondering about this for a while. does someone that is into hotrodding work in kids tv. i was watchinga cartoon called ROARY THE RACING CAR this morning with my little girl and there is a f100 stepside with widewhites. there are other programmes i have seen that have rodding type...
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    And a Merry Christamas to you all...
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    Mum and Dad
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    Seeing that the scene is family orintated and i know that kids like to be involved i thought some of them would like this
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    after my thread some time ago saying that i dissagreed with the Nasc charging for kids entry to the Nats and saying that i wouldn't be going, i bowed to pressure from the kids and went. as i have said elsewhere i had a great weekend and so did the kids. the entertainment put on for the kids was...
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    this is a link to the Nasc website and the reasons for the change in kids entry to the nats,
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    What is it with kids these days ridding Scooters like twats. I just had some young twat on saturday trying to undertake me on a round a bout, He gets in the blind spot i dont see him and i knock him of and damages the N/S of my car. Then has the cheeck to blame me lol. What a :wanker: Im i...
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    Does anyone know of any online sites where you can buy hot rod/retro/generally cool t shirts etc for little people? (0 - 7 yrs). My nephews are car crazy and I've been asked to find some places that stuff can be ordered from for birthday time. :tup:
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    .........:incheek: . 20 screaming polishers, 50 pounds of polish, 600+ man hours...... .
1-10 of 10 Results