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  1. Chat
    Found this whilst surfing, . ..... there's just something about it I like .... i have no idea what make or model it is even .... Anybody else think this is kinda cool, or got any simular pics ?
  2. Stuff - FOR SALE
    I have been asked today if I could sort out a manual LineLok for someone via my work today, and we can... :tup: Lever operated 400Bar/6000psi rated ball valve, with m/m fittings and female nuts and sleeves to suit your brake pipe, all you have to do is cut your brake pipe, slip the nuts and...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Hello everyone, I need some help identifying what kind of alloys I have on my pride and joy pictured below. I think they are mag alloys but i dont know what kind or if they have a specific name. They are 15 inch. I need to know because I am trying to find some wheel caps for them. Any...
  4. Chat
    OK fellow wags, here's a bit of fun.Tell us 2 or 3 interesting/little known facts bout your self and we'll all decide if they are TRUE or FALSE. Dont worry if it all becomes a bit of a mess we'll get in Arthur Marshell and PPPatrick Campbell to sort it out (there's 2 fer the teenagers)....right...
1-5 of 5 Results