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  1. History Archive
    Hi All, :rule: Before i start i would like again to thank Steve "a40custom" for explaining to me how to scan the photographs in. :tup: Without his help this thread wouldn't be here. I wasn't originally sure about the year of these pics, but after spotting my ex wife in one of the pictures i...
  2. History Archive
    Hi All, :D Some pictures from Knebworth pretty sure they are 1982 may be a little later, but i dont think so (definately no earlier). If anyone knows for sure which year post it up please. Some pics were taken with my ex wife's instamatic (110 i think), and some are with a 35mm so the quality...
  3. History Archive
    I think this has been posted before but worth another look, check out the back seat driven A40 at the end, far out :D
  4. History Archive
    just a few if anyone is going to sheffield this year i can take the photo albums for people to look through....
  5. Chat
    if everyone's ok with this i will put all my pics from that show on the history section as i dont want to annoy anyone..i also have pics from cheam show 1993/4 the yaer s****t m*****e got the dates wrong for hickstead... please post your answers
  6. The Showroom
    knebworth rally of the giants car show picture 07/08
1-6 of 6 Results