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    Guys and Gals.... How do you lot get back the enthusiasm for building?? I am finding it difficult to fit in any garage time, what with the house, work, the kids, the love of my life and everything else. The fact that the powers that be are making it increasingly difficult to register a new...
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    Come on guys! oops and gals!. I cant be the only one thats has spent the last two days in the garage doing a job that i thought would take a few hours.Even though your working hard on your project you know your not 100% commited to it.You are not ready to sell and through in the towel , but...
  3. On Topic
    dont know anything about dragracing, never even been to one. but was suprized to now they dont use radiators! thought they would be cooked before you got out the pits!
1-3 of 3 Results