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  1. What, Where, When ?
    Yes its Lamberhurst Cruise Night this saturday evening...May 8th...6pm untill 10pm or untill we all go home. Lamberhurst Cruise NIght is held at the " Little Chef " on the main A21 just a mile south of Lamberhurst village by-pass. Approx 25/30mins from junct 5 of the M25, 35/40mins from the...
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    More Photos
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    hi all it was all happening at the little chef 0n the A21 near Lamberhurst saterday night , The weather was in the sky and the smell of petrol was in the air peter (brizzo) and i turned up around 5.45 , the cars had already started turning up , what a great everning it turned out to be , as i...
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    Own car is in bits at the mo, but I did pop down with camera. Good turnout, but was getting a bit nippy after the sun went down
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    Now CC have moved on to the next issue, here are all the photos I took at October's Cruise as seen in the March issue including the unpublished ones. Click on the link for my flickr album[email protected]/sets/72157623591222594/
  6. What, Where, When ?
    Lamberhurst Cruise Night Meet......At The Little Chef On The A21 Near Lamberhurst In Kent. The March Lambehurst Cruise is this Saturday the 13th. 5.30pm to about 9pm. The last of the winter cruise nights at Lamberhurst, before the light and balmy evenings of the summer months.....oh yea this...
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    Just returned from the Lamberhurst Cruise night , It was very cold and wet , I thought I would make the effort , as it turned out it was a good night , around 8 yanks and customs took to the road and battled the weather , and a number of other cars including my trusty Mondeo were parked in the...
  8. What, Where, When ?
    This Saturday is Februarys "Lamberhurst Cruise Night" at The Little Chef on the A21 Nr Lamberhurst. 5.30 till about 9 ish. After the cancellation off last months meet due to the snow, were back on for this month:tup: The weather forcast seems good for sat eve...apart from it being a bit...
  9. What, Where, When ?
    Lamberhurst Cruise Night wont be on this Saturday due to the rather Inclement weather :sniff:.....pretty obvious really but I thought I would let you know. Next one is Saturday February 13th :tup: almost summer.:lol:
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    Well what a wet night it was, its amazing how it can be quite reasonable all day and as soon as you get the Rod out of the garage it pisses down. It peed down all evening and was still peeing down when we got home. Still it is december.:sniff: Half a dozen rods and americans braved the...
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    The weather down south was awfull, gale force winds and heavy rain for cruise nite...and it was for all of saturday, but come 7oclock the wind died down a fair bit and the rain held off, and we had a cruise nite, 9 brave rods,classics and americans turned up and a few came along in there dailys...
  12. What, Where, When ?
    By my reckonings it is this Saturday, seeing as it is going to be pitch black at six, has any one thought of getting there earlier? maybe three? or four? what do you think RR? Nick
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    "Stunning" Evening, Fantastic Turnout 54 rods, brits n americans. Thanks to everyone who came along I think we all had a real good time. Just a couple of early photos from me and kid morris, as it was getting dark quick, but Im sure someone will post some more.
  14. What, Where, When ?
    This Saturday evening 6pm till 10pm is The Lamberhurst A21 Little Chef Cruise Night Meet, all Rods, Americans and kustoms welcome. This will be the 8th meet and we have had superb turnouts of up to 50 rods etc on previous meets when the weathers been kind. Remember this is NOT a club meet, its...
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    here's a couple of videos I took at Lamberhurst last Saturday...........:tup:
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    Another huge turnout of rods, customs, yanks and vans at Lamberhurst tonight, didn't take many pics as I was videoing (coming soon on youtube) but Mr Sweeney was snapping away so his pics will be no doubt forthcoming......
  17. What, Where, When ?
    This Saturday Evening.... September 12th... 6pm till 10pm... its cruise nite at the Lamberhurst A21 Little Chef. A really nice Large smooth car park... Floodlit for after dark.....:bigsmile: 40 plus Rods and Americans last month.....8) Open to all Rods, Customs and Americans..... 15%...
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    Lamberhurst cruise night pics. Over 40 rods and americans turned out for a great evening, heres just a few.
  19. What, Where, When ?
    This Sat August 8th is Cruise Night at the Little Chef on the A21 just outside Lamberhurst. 6pm till 10pm or till everyones gone home.
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    Heres some of the cars that turned up at the cruise night, sadly with the weather forcasts prediction of rain from 6 on didnt help the turnout, but there was some nice cars there. Notably a cracking white vette, a lovely Plymouth and a cool looking sleeper mk1 cortina estate.
1-20 of 25 Results