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  1. Chat
    #is there anything going on in southampton on sunday (tomorrow) as im riding down on me scooter or what u lot call hair dryer to collect a heater unit for me tina so any hotrod or classic car things on or anyone offering a cuppa and chat :incheek:
  2. Vehicles - FOR SALE
    100% Original unmolested 1962 Lambretta Li 125 for sale. Super condition, no Indian or Vietnamese parts ALL ITALIAN.Always starts first time and runs really well.Chrome forks,all brakes and clutch reconditioned. Selling fairly cheap as she will require re-registering (I have a DVLA status report...
  3. Tech Discussion
    anybody know why my lammy is over revving( its an li150 with 175 barrel etc). When i pull in the clutch or go into neutral it just revvs & revvs very high(after it has been running for a while) until i put it in gear and let out the clutch, almost have to stall it to get it to stop. Any...
1-3 of 3 Results