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    Talk about items that should never be made check this out , some great customer reviews though :lol: Laptop Steering Wheel Desk: Electronics
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Cheap laptop wanted. Must be able to download copious amounts of porn (and car stuff to keep this tenuously on topic) Lee.
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    Hi All, I would like to connect my laptop to my tele, my tele has a USB, can I put a USB lead from my laptop to my tele, would this allow me to play movies off my laptop onto my tele? Or would I have to go via the HDMI (?) I have no idea what I am talking about so all answers in laymans terms...
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    Evening all. Can someone please remind me how I clear the addresses in my address bar as I seem to have inadventantly wandered onto a rather fruity site via a link in the Volkzone "Epic Boobs" thread, I don't even know how I got there to begin with... It's worth a look if you get a spare day or...
1-4 of 4 Results