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    Just back from a trip to vegas where i took in the VLV weekend, only really went for the car show, so here are some pics of the cars that were there.
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    some pics of mine i took last week at the show in vegas, thought i would share :bigsmile: ( i hope im posting these in the right section, please move if not)
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    Just got back from NHRA Nationals and SEMA LAs Vegas - What a place - Met the Forces, Robert Hight, Prudhomme, Chip Foose and Big Daddy Don Garlitz. Oh and forgot to Mention Jim McGee!! Great place Great company If you havnt been to Vegas you must go, if you have you know what I mean eh ??? say...
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    Took a few pics at the VLV car show a couple of weeks ago (like about 350). Thought you might like to see a few 57s are not usually my cup of tea but this one had some nice kustom touches Big caddys are popular, slammed hard and with a nice flake roof. I love em ! Not just caddys...
1-4 of 4 Results