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  1. On Topic finding new ways to shaft the motorist.
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi, Has anyone got a Good Set of Used Magnecor Red 8.5mm Ignition Leads, or even perhaps a New Set sitting in their garage that will never get used ??!!. These are for a Rover 4.6 V8 Engine, which has been Converted to a "Hotwire" 14CUX Ignition System, Distributor & Serpentine Front Cover...
  3. On Topic
    hi, does anyone know where i can buy a set of purple plug leads from. thanks john.
  4. Tech Discussion
    Advice please:D I'm just going to order some bits for the rover, does anyone run 10mm Magnecor Plug leads? I can get a set for £70, but are they any good? Also what plugs should I use? 3.9 rover, mild cam and flowed heads. I've been told to use NGK's, but can't remember which ones:shake: Thanks...
  5. On Topic
    I would like to know what type of plug lead boot makes for the neatest installation. Straight, 90 or 45 degree ? on a smallblock with no fare of being burnt by the exhast.
1-5 of 5 Results