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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi All, I know the easiest way to do it is to buy a reverse eye spring or remove a leaf, but....... If I was to remove the spring and turn it over, the spring sits flat, this would effectively give a 2" drop, but what problems would I come across doing this. The car in question is rear...
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    hi everyone im looking for a front and rear transverse leaf springs for my T project so need something suitable for a T il consider most things, so let me know what ya got and how much you want for them needed ASAP so i can get my rod project going :) please pm me on here or email...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Anyone know of a place in the UK where I can pick some up ?
  4. Tech Discussion
    I'm planning a project if the right car turns up - I want a Pilot and I want to drop it a few inches. I was thinking this would be fairly easy as I assumed it was on leaf springs and I could use lowering blocks, but it seems it uses transverse leaf springs front and rear. From what I have...
  5. Tech Discussion
    I believe that the transverse leaf spring on my model T is both too weak and too short resulting in virtually no suspension travel. I would like to have a custom spring manufactured and would be grateful for advice on how to specify the spring. The car is running a Ford Beam axle (38.5 inches...
  6. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Leaf spring,30s Ford, I believe 36, but not sure, for rear axle. 11 leaves, inlcudes shackles; all in used but good condition. distance between spring eyes is 40" THe 40" measured is on a spring not under tension ! 40 quid Delivery at the swapmeet March 7th PM or call: +31-652 364465 +31-652...
  7. Tech Discussion
    any one know of a leat spring manufacturer i want a pair of lowered springs for the back of a lightning
  8. Freebies
    Mk 2 zody rear leaf springs, don't think any of the leaves are broken, come and get em before i scrap them, Cheers Wayne 01789 450001 2 miles from shakey
  9. Tech Discussion
    Now the snows gone and im getting bored, im out there driving over our local humps im getting fed up with the body twitch due to the panhard rod being at the angle. yep i could lower the mount on the chassis or raise the mount on the axle but it still leave's the extra room needed So im...
  10. Tech Discussion
    Hi Lads has anybody used leaf springs from another car to replace there old Ford Consul Classic worn out ones.Ive been offered one of these cars but the springs are shagged on it.
  11. Tech Discussion
    Hi Folks Ian & Anne here... A question on leaf spring if I may. Our rod has a sherpa axle with the leaf spring running across the car. It is so stiff you can jump on the front chassis rail and it doesnt move! I've taken the spring apart and removed the top two leaves - it softens the spring...
  12. On Topic
    Anybody know if thers a black smith around Bridgwater that can make up some main leafs for my Truck? Any help is greatly apprecaited Martin.
  13. Tech Discussion
    I have got the rear tires on the Moggy rims now, and when I put them on the studs and tightened them, they are quite close to the reaf leafs. How close should they be?
  14. Chat
    :lol:got nothing to do with rods etc,but worth a look
  15. On Topic
    On this build of mine I am using a Pop font axle, but not the front member where the transverse leaf would initially attach. I am using the bolts but they are up turned. Can I use them like this?
  16. Tech Discussion
    I am looking into getting a system folded up for my challenger,I have been looking around and there don't seem to be many companys out there now.Anyone got any leads to find someone in the surrey area to do it:incheek: On another note any recommendations for leaf spring retempering as well as...
  17. Tech Discussion
    I know by taking a couple of leafs out of a spring it can lower the vehicle, just out of intrest is there some where local (southampton/portsmouth area) where this can be done, or I dont mind going futher if need be.Or have some new springs made to pattern to lower it. Would just like some...
  18. On Topic
    Got my PU back this afternoon after a lot of work on the front end (pics to follow). Now realised that the rear springs are shagged and need to be retempered/arched and could do with a set of new bushes. Anybody recommend somebody capable fo doing this in and around Essex or is it best to just...
1-18 of 18 Results