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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hi there I have a leak from around the drain plug in the petrol tank, which I've tried to seal with various apparently appropriate products - but it works for a while, then eventually starts leaking again. Anyone got any idea of an equivalent UK petrol tank that would fit if I wanted to...
  2. Tech Discussion
    pulled the pan twice to try to cure the leak out of the gasket rail. Put on a new thicker gasket METICULOUSLY installed and still it leaks. I did not put sealer on gasket as I understand you are not supposed to. When the fluid drains down into the pan on turning off the engine it is going to be...
  3. Tech Discussion
    On a slight follow up to my last query i do seem to have a bit of an oil leak. A patch of oil has appeared under the car since it was last used last month and upon inspection there seems to be oil covering various parts of the sump, which is a chrome aftermarket type, and it seems to sprayed...
  4. Tech Discussion
    hi everyone..a very happy fella here..i just bought my first yank...67 chrysler newport. 2 Door Coupe..but i have a few issues with car, can anyone help, me please???? theres a slight strange leak of oil in engine bay....seen a drip of oil on top hose of radiator, just a drip..on underside of...
  5. Stuff - FOR SALE
    Here we have a 12 volt infer-red fluid leak detector, can be used with colour dye solutions or without, detects all fuild leaks ie: water, oil, etc. Ideal for racing engines. Like brand new, still in the box with instructions. £30.00 p+p Thanks Bob
1-5 of 5 Results