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  1. Tech Discussion
    Hey all, i have a rochester dual jet carb (definately not the quad barrel) code is M2ME i think? sat on my 3.8 v6 Buick boat anchor of an engine, it works fine apart from at extreme angles, (bearing in mind my car has hydraulics suspension) When the car hits extremes with the angles the engine...
  2. Tech Discussion
    I've got an Edelbrock 1405 carb and when the engine is running, petrol slowly drips out of where the throttle rod goes into the carb. I've taken the rod out assuming that there would be a duff seal but there isn't a seal at all! What do I do now? The rods wobbles slightly in the hole which I...
  3. Tech Discussion
    Have I missed something? I have a leak out of the plate on the end of the pump. Tried swapping pumps , tried fitting an O ring (Bye bye oil pressure) , tried holymer even resorted to buying a brand new pump , same thing . Even on a different engine.
  4. Tech Discussion
    Last weekend I replaced both half shaft seals in my 105e rear axle because the nearside one was leaking and thought that would be it. Went back to the garage last night to find a nice little pool of oil seeping out between the backplate and drum again - DOH :mad: Any ideas on how to cure this...
  5. Tech Discussion
    I`ve just bought recently a 87 ford econoline day van and it`s great. Took it to the hot rod drags for the first trip out and it was bliss compaired with a tent.Any hoo the rubbers gone on one or possibly both the little forward facing windows in the roof.Now there`s loads of these vans around...
  6. Tech Discussion
    Hi there from Norway! The Jaguar rear axle on my '34 leaks oil in the front (where the drive shaft is attached) I have bought a new seal, a the circle formed one with rubber on the inner part vulcanized to the metal outer part. Is it easy to change this seal? Just loosen the big nut in the...
1-6 of 6 Results