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  1. Tech Discussion
    What i need to know is what do you think I need in the way of front springs ? This is for a set of Capri 2.8i Billstiens that have been converted to 2 1/4 coilovers this is for a 100e with a 360 Smallblock Chrysler fitted with 904 auto trans ?
  2. On Topic
    Had an 'issue' with the 'bed on the Pop last weekend, so today I did something about it... Before: Looks a bit 'stumpy'??? After: Looks better proportioned yes??? Well I hope so, because I have cut up the temporary 'bed, and started to make a 'proper' one...!!! :cool:
  3. Tech Discussion
    I am mounting some Pete & Jakes style shocks on the front of the pop, and I have no shock brackets in place yet. I seem to recall reading somewhere that the shock at ride height aren't simply half way between the open and closed dimensions? Can anyone confirm or correct me on this please? My...
1-3 of 3 Results