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  1. Tech Discussion
    I have a GMC Vandura, 1990 (basically the same van as the A Team van). Whats the "done" way of jacking up the suspension? Particularly the rear end. Wishbones front, leafspring rear. Any help?
  2. Chat
    As in the title, going to the HRD's on Friday morning in my van and was wondering if anyone wants a lift. Have had an offer of a lift but not till later in the day. So if anyone within the area wants a lift let me know. Or if anyone is going in a rod with a spare seat then again i'll share the...
  3. Chat
    It's ok, Folks, plans have changed. She's going to spend the day with her Mom instead, helping me in a roundabout way. Thanks anyway. My Daughter would like to come to the drags Sunday Morning. She will be in Buckingham, near Milton Keynes on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Is anyone passing...
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    had this in the shed "just in case " ?????? it was origonaly for a yank motorhome but will fit whatever you want it to with the aid of a grinder and welder !!. larger can and *** packet are for size only and will be empty by the time you read this £225 or nearest
1-4 of 4 Results