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  1. Chat
    Was listening to this in car at 8.45am. Made quite a nice change to JLS or whoever they are! Makes you want to do a little wiggle::rofl:
  2. Stuff - WANTED
    does anybody have an electric line lock kicking round they wana get rid of?
  3. Chat
    wont be long to it hits 400:tup:
  4. Stuff - FOR SALE
    manuel line lock complete with all pipe fittings as new £30
  5. Cool Thread Archive
    Hi guys - snow - cant work = Thinking Got thinking about some of my favourite lines from films. One is from the icon American Graffiti where Curt ( Richard Dreyfuss) is caught by the Pharohs sitting on the Merc. He goes to get off and walk away when Joe ( Bo Hopkins) says: Joe 'Hey Where ya...
  6. Chat
    You should watch this Bry , get some tips for when you put henry back together , a hefty boot is always good for getting the grille/bonnet aligned :incheek: With all those mullets and moustaches they...
  7. Chat
    Assembly Line Rog do you remember this Game we both brought one from a shop in a small town out in New York State I also got myself some 50s,sunglasses. I've never played with the game and it's the 1st time it's seen daylight in 25 years On the top of the box in pencil the price says $5.99...
  8. Stuff - WANTED
    Hi, looking for a 1300 midget, sprite, marina in line engine? anything considered! Cash waiting! Thanks Loz
  9. Tech Discussion
    No not the metal ones in the road but the ones caused by the kings of the road On the way too and from the nats and especially on the A2 these bloody things sent me everywhere except where i wanted to go I found that if i held it at a constant speed was worse than applying a little power...
  10. Chat
    Want to fit a line lock to my 57 (just for safety, incase the handbrake fails officer) Who's the best company to get 1 from ? (& for the least money)
1-10 of 10 Results